> Jason Addison

Hi! I'm an undergraduate student studying Computer Science at Carleton University.
Voxel based game with destructible terrain. Written in C++/OpenGL/GLSL.
Voxel chunks are loaded and saved dynamically as player travels the world. Terrain can be modified with set of customizable terrain materials. Also includes:
  • Shadows, shading and SSAO
  • Day / night cycle
  • Custom GUI (Buttons, lists, etc)
  • Terrain and object physics (using SAT)
  • Multiplayer using winsock2 and launcher
  • Collada character loading and animation
Older version written in Java (click here).
    C++ based collision library. Library provides basic physics including velocity, timestep, collision detection and resolution. Objects have modifiers such as mass, bounce and friction. Library use Separation Axis Theorem for detection.
    Test out the physics in Auravyx's parkour map!

  • Basic volumes : Cubes, spheres, cylinders, etc
  • Polygon meshes (triangle / square)
  • Binary voxels (AABB)
Authentication server written in C++ with OpenSSL and cpp-httplib. Click here for Github
Simple command line program that allows admins to securely verify that a player has the correct account credentials, and not a cracked account. Server owners can verify if players claim who they are.
  • Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Add, remove and manage user accounts
  • Prevent cracked accounts from playing online
  • Securely stores accounts in a database
Currently in use as Auravyx's authentication server.